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Halong Junks

Halong Attractions

Croisière Mékong
Découvrez le marché flottant dans le Mékong
Baie d'Halong
Circuits exclusifs à la baie d'halong
Falls Sie Informationen über ha long bucht vietnam suchen, klicken Sie auf diesen Link
This cruise is 4 stars boat in Halong bay.There are 3 cabins on Amira Cruises with full facilities and service
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Voyage à la baie d'Halong avec Croisiere baie halong pour contempler des élégances irresistibles
Voyage à ninh binh baie d'Halong terrestre

Moving About the Ship

Please take extra care when using the stairs
Moving About the Ship
It goes without saying that this is a ship rather than a hotel, and as such you will need to take care when moving about the decks ~ they can be slippery. Please take extra care when using the stairs ~ which on board ship are steeper than you may be used to. It's best to always use the handrails.

No Go Areas
These areas are clearly indicated as 'Crew Only'.

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